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Birgitte Skadhauge

Vice President, Adj. Prof.

Carlsberg Research Laboratory

Birgitte Skadhauge completed her studies (M. Sc degree) at the Royal and Veterinary Agricultural University, Copenhagen in 1992. This was followed by a Ph.D. degree in biochemistry and genetics at the Carlsberg Laboratory in Copenhagen (1993-1996). Since 2003 she has been responsible for Carlsberg Raw Material Research, and since 2011 Director for Applied Research activities in Carlsberg, including Raw materials, Yeast, Ingredients and Brewing Technology and sustainability in 2012 she was appointed Honorary Adjunct Professor at Århus University. Since 2014 she held the position as Vice President for Carlsberg Research Laboratory and Baltika Research and she is the Founder of Traitomics.

She is member of several scientific advisory boards and committees, appointed member of e.g. ‘Danish Science and Innovation Political Counsel’ (Ministry for Science and Innovation); Danish Industry, Committee for Research, Innovation and Education; Board Member for Danish Malting Group A/S; DMG (2008-2016), Denmark and DMG Poland (2008-2016),  Board member in Sejet Plant Breeding I/S, Board member in “Association for Danish Variety Owners”, Board member in Scandinavian Brewing School, Board member in Carlsberg’s Bequest for Brewer J.C. Jacobsen, advisory board member at DTU, Bioengineering, Board member in Secobra Recherche (France).

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