31 October - 2 November 2022 | Brisbane Australia

Derrick Thompson

Senior Manager – Key Accounts & Business Development

Hitachi Australia Pty Ltd

Derrick Thompson is an internationally experienced manager with more than 25 years of global business success. His work at Hitachi Australia has seen the development and implementation of game-changing strategies and programs across the world.

Most recently those programs have involved introducing multiple Hitachi solutions and services into the Australian agribusiness sector. The solutions cover Internet of Things (IoT) deployment, innovative unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) solutions for data capture, decision support systems and supply chain optimisation.

Derrick collaborates with organisations to develop strategies that succeed and position them for the next level of performance improvement.


Next Era Livestock Production

Data. Data. Data. Data is everywhere but producers are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of raw data. What is needed is easily usable and valuable decision-making information. The ever-increasing range of digital tools to assist producers in the decision-making process with improved data based decision-making knowledge requires the use of numerous platforms that are not integrated, nor able to communicate with each other nor able to interpret and analyse information at a high level. This makes the use of such tools complicated, tedious and can at times be somewhat misleading, with the result of discouraging widespread adoption of data sourced technology. By integrating these tools, so that they are accessible through one Control Centre, such data driven digital transformation greatly improves the efficiency of using the available tools, results in increased adoption of data usage – all leading to increases in productivity and profitability, on farm and across the supply chain. Data is the next “Era in Livestock Production”. Hitachi’s presentation will look at a few case studies that demonstrate the value of intelligent use of data in daily farm operations.

Media release: Australia’s livestock producers turning data into dollars