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International Tropical Agriculture Conference

International Tropical Agriculture Conference

11-13 November 2019 | Brisbane Australia

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Key messages from TropAg 2017

Agriculture is becoming a vibrant, innovation-driven industry

The future of agriculture is committed to improved nutrient content in higher valued crops whether through natural breeding programs or genetic editing

Think about the impact of your research outside of your ‘bubble’ – what worldly impact will it have? How can you communicate your findings to improve the lives of people in third world countries?

Keynote Speakers

Our world-leading speakers for TropAg2019.

  • Alfred de Vries

    Senior Program Officer for Animal Production
    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
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  • Professor Pamela Ronald

    Founding Director of the Institute for Food and Agricultural Literacy
    University of California, Davis
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  • Derrick Thompson

    Senior Manager – Key Accounts & Business Development
    Hitachi Australia Pty Ltd
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  • Professor Mark Howden

    Director of the Climate Change Institute
    Australian National University
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  • Dr Lawrence Haddad

    Executive Director
    Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)
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  • Dr Usha Zehr

    Director and Chief Technology Officer
    Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Private Limited (Mahyco)
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  • Birgitte Skadhauge

    Vice President at Carlsberg Group
    Redmond, Washington
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