31 October - 2 November 2022 | Brisbane Australia

Dr Angelique D’Hont

Dr Angélique D’Hont, Team Manager and Researcher, CIRAD French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development, France

Presentation: Banana genome diversity is shaped by admixture and large structural variations

Angélique D’Hont’s research interests are focused on understanding the structure and evolution of complex genomes involving polyploidy, interspecific hybridity and structural heterozygosity. She is leading a research team ‘Genome structure and evolution’ at CIRAD , Montpellier, France with current activities focused mainly on banana and sugarcane, two polyploid complexes, making use of comparative genomics, molecular marker diversity, genetic mapping and molecular cytogenetics. These studies are closely connected with genetic improvement programs. She coordinated the production and analysis of the first reference genome assembly for banana and sugarcane. Currently, she is focusing with her team in deciphering banana and sugarcane genome diversity through re-sequencing approaches.


31 October – 2 November
2022 Brisbane Australia

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