31 October - 2 November 2022 | Brisbane Australia

Dr Haven Baker

Dr. Haven Baker, Pairwise, Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer

Dr. Haven Baker co-founded Pairwise and serves as Chief Business Officer. Haven is the former Senior Vice President / General Manager of Simplot Plant Sciences, where he led the team that launched the innovative, non-browning Innate® potato. He holds a PhD in chemistry from Northeastern University, an MBA from Harvard University, and a BS in biomedical engineering from Yale University.

Plenary presentation: Monday 31 October 2022

Plant-based solutions for a healthier world

Fewer than 1 in 10 Americans consume the recommended daily amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables and diet related diseases are on the rise globally. What’s more, the impacts of climate change are creating more supply volatility and is predicted to lessen the nutritional value of our crops.  While food insecurity impacts over 768 million people globally, nutritional insecurity affects many more— globally, 45% of the deaths of children under five are undernutrition-related. Pairwise is a purpose-driven start-up applying the tools of gene editing to build a healthier world through better fruits and vegetables. Encouraged by an increasingly positive global regulatory environment and enthusiasm from consumers eager for more options in produce,  we are rolling out our consumer brand, ConsciousTM Foods, with our first edited product to hit supermarket shelves in the US in mid-2023.  In this talk, I’ll introduce CRISPR technology and share how Pairwise is using gene editing to deliver crop solutions and consumer-forward innovations in fresh produce. Our inaugural product, Conscious Greens, will be among the first gene edited whole foods to become available to consumers.

In addition, I’ll share updates on how we are using our leading CRISPR technology platform to improve other crops for sustainability attributes that will allow us to grow more with less, helping us work toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals, while achieving a viable business.

It is our hope that our work will pave the way for crop innovation through gene editing globally to address the grand challenge of creating a healthier and more sustainable global food system.


31 October – 2 November
2022 Brisbane Australia

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