31 October - 2 November 2022 | Brisbane Australia

Sponsor profiles

The Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy brings together QUT’s brightest minds in agriculture and bioeconomy research to help feed the world sustainably and develop cleaner, greener bioproducts. Our unique mix of expertise in plant and industrial biotechnology, synthetic biology, soil science, process engineering, industrial chemistry, social science and business creates a continuum of research and development from laboratory through to real-world impact.

We’re helping to feed the world by developing more resilient and nutritious tropical crops such as bananas, sugarcane, chickpea, mungbean, pigeonpea, rice, sweet sorghum and tropical fruits for Australia, Africa and South-East Asia.

Our research is discovering innovative ways to manufacture renewable high-value fuels, chemicals, animal feeds and other bioproducts from agricultural wastes.

We’re generating knowledge and solutions to make Australia’s farms more sustainable and profitable, improving productivity and biodiversity through better management of crops, soil, water and energy.

‘Biora by MineARC Systems’ engineers and manufactures Plant Growth Chambers that allow for the development, refinement and repetition of specific conditions. Our successful capabilities in creating controlled environments for industrial safety over the past 25 years has allowed us to produce a range of reach-in and walk-in chambers that meet the specific needs of plant science and agricultural biotechnology applications. With Biora, you can enjoy the benefits of innovative functionality, versatility and the replication of any environmental condition within a robust, portable shell.

AgriFutures Australia proudly focuses on the building a rich future for Australian agriculture. We live and work in the regions and represent the interests and aspirations of primary producers and rural communities, delivering real value in everything we do.

Our vision is to grow the long-term prosperity of Australian rural industries and communities through:

  • Research, development and extension programs for established industries that do not have their own Research & Development Corporation (RDC), including the rice, chicken meat, honey bee and pollination, thoroughbred horse, pasture seeds, export fodder, ginger and tea tree oil industries.
  • Delivering programs that proactively address sector-level challenges and opportunities including research to inform national policy issues, tech innovation and adoption, to industry challenges that require widespread engagement across the sector. 
  • Research and analysis to understand and address important issues on the horizon for Australian agriculture. Programs include evokeAG. and growAG..
  • Identifying and capitalising on global opportunities and challenges and encourage the uptake of new technologies to strengthen Australian agriculture’s position and future growth through evokeAG. and growAG..
  • Research, development and extension programs that enable emerging and growing industries to reach new markets and address their barriers to acceleration including the pomegranate, jackfruit, and insect industries.
  • Initiatives that attract capable people into careers in agriculture, build the capability of future rural leaders, and support change makers and thought leaders. Programs include the AgriFutures Horizon Scholarship and the AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award.