31 October - 2 November 2022 | Brisbane Australia


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TropAg 2019 Handbook

Download and view the full TropAg handbook before the conference. Note delegates will receive a printed TropAg handbook at the conference registration desk.

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  • Field Crops

    Sustainable field crops

    This theme invites symposia that will cover all aspects of tropical and sub-tropical field crop improvement with a focus on productivity, sustainability and product quality for target markets and consumers  This may include topics such as:

    • Development and delivery of advanced germplasm and crop adaptation studies including advances in crop physiology and modelling; and genotype to phenotype modelling
    • Crops and climate adaptation
    • Pest and disease management
    • Crop agronomy, crop nutrition, soil health, weed management
    • New technologies such as gene editing and  information technologies and
    • Decision making tools on crop production  Sustainable intensification of agriculture  – including pathways to achieve food/nutrition security and reduced poverty
    • Farming systems research, sustainable development goals, research for development, and supply chain and market access issues.
    • Quantifying impacts and adaptation to climate variability and change; input and energy use and life cycle analyses.
  • Horticulture

    Horticulture innovation

    This theme invites a series of symposia on initiatives and new technologies to deliver improved market acceptability and productivity for tropical and sub-tropical horticultural crops.  This may include:

    • Breeding programs that advance commercial varieties
    • Delivery of new genetic solutions
    • Climate adaptation
    • Disease management
    • Advances in mechanisation and management systems.
  • Livestock

    Animals and environment

    This theme is inclusive of all tropical and sub-tropical animal science, and its interaction with the environment and production systems, including teaching, consultancy and community-based service programs. Symposia which address specific research of one to a multitude of industries, including the meat and livestock, poultry, pork and sheep, would be applicable. Symposia are invited on topics including:

    • Advances in animal science promoting better animal health and welfare, efficient nutrition, genetic improvement, consumer satisfaction, and socially responsible production systems. Suggested topics may include:
    • Pest and disease control through improved detection, monitoring and vaccine technologies
    • Animal welfare and ethics including pain mitigation and animal husbandry practices
    • Objective measurements of stress
    • Genotype by environmental interactions
    • Advances in genetics, breeding and reproduction
    • Innovations on rumen efficiency, rumen microbiome, and maternal nutrition
    • Feedlot nutrition
    • Advances in pasture management
    • Management innovations for sound animal productivity.
  • Nutrition and Food

    From breeding to bread and butter

    This theme focuses on the whole food value-chain – from breeding through to our daily bread and butter. This theme encourages symposia that showcase the complete value chain, from breeding, production, processing to final food quality across a range of food types relevant to the tropics and sub-tropics. This can be from local (domestics systems) to global food production.  Symposia topics may focus on:

    • Specific aspects of how plant or animal breeders develop crops or animals respectively, for both production gain but maintaining final quality targets
    • Supplementation and bio-fortification of crops
    • Nutrition and health
    • Food safety
    • Molecular basis for food quality, food processing and preservation
    • Breeding
    • Reducing wastage.
  • AgFutures

    A showcase of innovation and investment in Queensland agriculture

    The AgFutures theme, hosted by the Queensland Government, focuses on showcasing agri-technology and investment in in Queensland. Queensland producers have a worldwide reputation for producing high quality, clean and green produce in harsh environments in tropical and sub-tropical climates and the AgFutures theme showcases the state’s latest technology and innovations in digital and data platforms, robotics, satellites and biotechnologies. Theme topics include industry-wide investment required for innovations, emerging trends, business opportunities and capital models from farm gate to agribusiness, agri-tech, processing and research. This theme is recommended for representatives from the agriculture and food sectors, including producers, researchers, policy makers, and agribusiness.